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Formed in 1989, Gonzales & Associates (G&A) is a boutique management consultancy specializing in the provision of consulting and training services to the hospitality industry. Our consultants have accumulated a combined wealth of more than 100 years of exceptional knowledge and skills in the development and operations of hotels, resorts and restaurants. We have worked with developers, architects, investors, owners and managers of chain and independent hotels, service residences, resorts and restaurants in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Nepal, France, UK and USA.

Our approach is personal and integrated which is the best recipe for obtaining desired results. This assures our clients of prompt responses and practical recommendations that address root problems, not symptoms. Through careful and thorough planning, we help to eliminate pitfalls and unpleasant surprises. We are strong believers in sustainable growth. Our informed and adaptive style makes dealing with G&A pleasant, convenient and very rewarding.


To enhance the value of our clients’ business and contribute to a sustainable world.


To be the most trusted and sustainability conscious boutique consultancy for financial, marketing and people empowerment in the hospitality industry.


  • PROFESSIONALISM: We are competent and reliable, and conduct ourselves ethically at all times.
  • PASSION: We love what we do and inspire our colleagues to realize our vision and our clients to realize theirs.
  • COMMITMENT: We always persevere, put our full energy in our work and make quality time for our clients.
  • CONTINUOUS LEARNING: We update ourselves with the latest know-how and best practices so that we are fully equipped to help our clients.
  • RESPONSIBLE STEWARDSHIP: We are accountable for taking good care of things that are entrusted to us, which includes our clients’ and our earth’s assets.



G&A‘s consultancy services are customized to suit our clients’ specific situation, needs and objectives. Our goal is to help your business achieve superior and sustainable growth in profitability, cash flow and return on investment.

Please contact us if you require more information. Our consulting services are listed below.

  • New Business Development
  • Branding, Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Value Engineering
  • Asset Management

You want to start a new hotel, resort or restaurant, or purchase an existing one, or launch a new hospitality service or product, and ensure financial viability.

Feasibility Study

We can determine your proposed investment’s market and financial viability. We also help you to develop and fine-tune your business model to minimize competitive threats, secure market acceptance and achieve long-term profitability.

Franchise/ Management Operator Selection

We source for franchisors/management operators and assess brand-fit based on pre-determined criteria. We also work with your legal consultants to negotiate a fair contract.

Technical Assistance & Pre-Opening

We help you oversee your consultants to ensure compliance with the terms in the technical assistance and pre-opening agreements. If you choose to self-manage, we can help you develop your hotel, resort or restaurant with your architect and consultants.
For all our new business development services, our aim is to help you make the right decision and plans at the right time, with the right partners and for the right costs.

You want your marketing to be more effective and bring your brand to greater heights.
Using our unique VBM (Value-Based Marketing) model, we can help you to position/ reposition your brand, develop and implement practical marketing strategies, and measure their effectiveness. The aim is to ensure that your brand marketing maximizes shareholder value.

You want to increase customer value, satisfaction and loyalty.
We conduct value, satisfaction and loyalty audits and help you to craft strategies that improve customer relationships and experiences. Our aim here is not only to increase value, satisfaction and loyalty, but also improve share of wallet.

As hospitality investments have higher operating risks, complex operations, and fluctuating short-term cash flows, we can help you to navigate the complexities and risks, and unlock value with the following services:

  • Advise on management and investment issues
  • Financial performance tracking
  • Operational audits & re-engineering
  • Advice on contracts
  • Business turnaround
  • Expert witness testimony


We partner you to build the capabilities and talents of your management and employees by providing them with cutting-edge knowledge and skill sets that enable them to be productive and effective in their work performance.

Our training workshops are customised to meet your specific needs and situation. We adopt an active and collaborative learning approach so that participants actively engage each other in constructing their learning experience and can immediately use the knowledge and skills in the workplace. We also help you to measure training effectiveness at 4 levels – reaction, learning, behaviour and results.

Listed below are our learning workshops. If you require more information or want us to customize a course for you, please send an email to contact@gonzales.com.sg.

This workshop exposes managers and supervisors to the roles, responsibilities and skills required of a supervisor/junior manager and how to apply people management skills to increase productivity and effectiveness. Through case discussions and role-plays, participants are coached on the fundamental principles and competencies of leading and managing people. Topics include responsibilities of supervision, time management, delegation, dealing with crises and stress and performance reviews.

Laying the foundation for your organization’s training infrastructure, the Train-the-Trainer workshop equips appointed trainers with the requisite competencies to impart knowledge, skills and best practices to their colleagues and subordinates in their respective departments. Topics include planning training, learning techniques, training presentation and group evaluation.

Customers value good service and when they get it, they reward by buying more and telling others about it. Service quality is a critical driver of revenue and profit. The workshop equips participants with valuable concepts and practical tools and strategies to improve service elements that make a positive difference to customers. Topics include roles of front-line service providers, satisfying customer needs, managing complaints and personalizing service.

This workshop equips managers with cutting-edge knowledge and skills to improve the guest experience. Participants learn how to close the service quality gap and the strategies to improve customer value, satisfaction and loyalty. Topics include understanding and managing customer expectations, service blueprinting, servicescape management and service leadership.

Participants will learn the latest applications of strategic thinking and analysis to sales & marketing challenges facing the hospitality industry. Most importantly, the course shows participants how to link marketing strategies to finance and shareholder value. Topics include business model innovation, strategic analysis, managing brand equity and marketing metrics.

The foundation of successful selling is appreciating and believing in the differentiating value that your product or service provides to your customers. Participants in this highly interactive workshop learn how to communicate and sell value to potential customers. Topics include sales call preparation, opening and closing sales, price negotiation, relationship selling, overcoming objections and buyer trickery.

This hands-on workshop equips non-finance managers with the fundamental concepts and tools of financial and managerial accounting as applied in the hotel industry. Working on Excel-based exercises, participants learn how to interpret and evaluate financial statements and business performance so as to make more effective business decisions. Topics include the business financial model, accounting principles, profit and loss statement, balance sheet and ratio analysis.

This intermediate-level computer-based course is a follow-up to Power Hospitality Finance Level 1 and equips non-finance managers with critical tools and techniques to improve internal controls, control costs and make business decisions that ensure long-term profitability. Topics include cost concepts, cost-volume-profit analysis, budgeting and discounted cash flow analysis.

This advanced-level workshop equips senior managers with the requisite strategic financial management knowledge and tools to help them better appreciate the important role of finance and business decisions that improve shareholder value. Topics include assessing liquidity and operational efficiency, diagnosing profitability risk and growth and the financial strategy matrix.

Management’s ability to continuously learn from any source and to do so faster than the competition is a strategic imperative in the knowledge economy. This workshop focuses on the five disciplines of the learning organization and equips participants with essential concepts and practical tools that they can use to better manage personal, individual, team and organizational change and growth. Topics include personal mastery, team learning, mental models, systems thinking and shared vision.


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